What happens when I delete a ticket?

It's not possible to completely delete a ticket you've created in the Tickets tab.

By deleting a ticket, you're essentially hiding the ticket from your guests, making it unavailable for purchase for as long as it remains hidden. This functionality ensures there's a record of all ticket types and provides visibility for tickets with limited availability.

To hide or unhide a ticket, just update its Availability status:

  1. Head to the Tickets tab and select a ticket.
  2. Use the Availability drop-down menu to choose a ticket status option.
  3. Save all changes.


Availability Statuses:

  • On Sale: The ticket type is editable and available for purchase. 

  • Limited Availability: The ticket type is editable and available for purchase for a set amount of time before becoming hidden/deleted.

  • Deleted: The ticket type is un-editable and unavailable for purchase as long as it remains hidden/deleted.

Check out our FAQ: How do I set when a ticket will be available and on sale?

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