Can I change how ticket purchases appear on my guests' credit card statements?

Yes! And you absolutely should.

Here’s why:

If one of your guests reviews his/her credit card statement and doesn’t recognize the merchant, disputes (aka chargebacks) can, and often do, ensue. Chargebacks mean everyone loses - and who wants that?

The solution:

To create a crystal clear credit card descriptor. 

Here’s how:

1. Once you’ve created a ticket, click the Payouts sub-tab
, found within the Tickets tab.


2. If you haven't already, enter a Payout Method and your Payout Info


3. Enter an easily recognizable term to describe your event in the Purchase Description field. The more explicit the better — this is what your guests will see on their credit card statements.


Note: If you don't customize this purchase description, it will default to the first 18 characters of your event title, which is often too generic or lacking ideal clarity.

4. Save your changes.

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