Many Splash themes come equipped with a Color Mask element, which most commonly lives in the page's Cover Block. A Color Mask is just a fancy term for the color overlay on top of your image.

Using a Color Mask is a great way to emphasize dynamic text on top of an image, as well as contribute to the overall style of your event page. Check out an example:

No Color Mask (The Before!):


With a black Color Mask (The After):


How to edit the Color Masks's color (Designer Pro): 

1. Head to the Event Page editor clicking on the Event Page Touchpoint in your Event tab. 

2. In the Layout menu on the right-hand side, click on the block you'd like to edit. In our example, the theme's Cover Block contains a Color Mask element.

3. Locate and click the Color Mask element.

4. Open the Background options. 

5. Select a Background Color from your color set.


137.3a.gifHow do I edit the opacity of the Color Mask (Designer Pro)?

1. Be sure you're in Designer Pro, and in the Layout Menu on the right select the clock where you have your color mask. 

2. Select the color mask element, and then open the Display options.

3. Find the Opacity slider, and adjust it to control the gradient. 


How do I hide a Color Mask?

Hiding a Color Mask is just like hiding any other element on your Splash page. Check out this quick FAQ and our example below.


How do I add a Color Mask element to a block? (Designer Pro)

Working on a content block that doesn't already have a Color Mask element built in? No sweat! Adding a Color Mask is just like adding any other Designer Pro element to your event page.

1. In your Event Editor's Layout menu, click on the block you'd like to add an element to.

2. Click the circular "+" button underneath the current elements.

3. Search for the element you'd like to add - in this case, Color Mask.

4. In the Layout tab, drag the element to the top of your block. It's important the Color Mask element is first in your list of elements, so that it doesn't prevent buttons from being clickable.

5. Style the new element as you please!


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