3/16/17 - Receive your Splash event notifications in Slack

There are a lot of chat services out there. So, why has Slack emerged as the premier way workplaces talk to each other?

It’s because Slack can be programmed to do endless amounts of cool stuff, which now includes auto-sending your team important Splash updates.

Why it matters: Only 7% of event marketers use marketing automation tools. You can eliminate the manual work by letting Splash + Slack do the work for you!

And if your team has the Slack app on their smartphones, it means they can get notified the second a new guest is checked-in — streamlining on-site processes for greeting clients, prospects, and VIPs.

Let's see it in action!

In just a few minutes, anyone can set up an integration that will post a message to a Slack Channel when a new event is created, a guest RSVPs, a ticket is sold, and when check-in happens.

Absolutely no technical knowledge is needed. (Check out the setup guide)



The message’s text is dynamic, meaning it can include attendee and event information. And since this is a Slack channel, your team can comment, collaborate — and celebrate — in real-time. 


The Splash messages can be programmed to post to any existing Slack channel.


And if you haven't noticed, the messages are also fully customizable, which means you can enhance the experience with custom messaging, “from” names, avatars, and emojis.

The Slack integration can be set on an organization level and event level; this means you can choose if you want to get updates for all events or just select ones. 

To get started, check out our official setup guide!



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