Understanding your Splash Events Dashboard

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The Events Dashboard is the launchpad for all things Splash: creating events, managing events, viewing macro event data, and accessing contacts and photos.

Go ahead and bookmark https://splashthat.com/events now, because this will be your home base.

Finding Events & Viewing Analytics

All events you have access to — those you've created and pages shared with you — are visible in your Events Dashboard.

There are two view options: Card vs. List. Card view shows the event card for each event, and List view shows top-level analytics along with the event title and date. 

Event cards are the flyer for your event page — a visual representation of the most important details — and your event's first impression on social media. You can edit your event card's design from your event's settings and totally make it your own. 

In List view, a wealth of analytics are displayed in the dashboard: event date, RSVPs open status, unique page views, page views, invited guests, RSVPs, attending guests, event capacity, waitlisted guests, and checked in guests.

Learn more here: How do I see analytics for all of my events?

For more on dashboard views, check out this video: Dashboard Card vs. List View: Creating Data Tables with Your Events

To filter or search for specific events in your dashboard, select the Filter button. Here you can search for event titles or filter to find an event based on date, whether it collects RSVPs or sells tickets, and even groups it's shared with.

Next to the Filter option, use the Export to download all the events in your dashboard - or those you've filtered.

For more on filtering events, check out this video: How do I use dashboard filters to quickly find my events?

Editing Events

In Card view, click directly on any event card to open the event page for editing in a new tab.

In List view, clicking on an event title will open the analytics overview. Here, edit event settings, add event tags, and even duplicate your event. Use the "Go to Event" button will open the event page for editing in a new tab.

Use the "Go to Event" button will open the event page for editing in a new tab.


Organizing Events

You're a pro and deserve an organization system tailored to your team. Advanced organization is available in the left side panel, where you can filter events by collaborators, location, event type, tags, and hubs.

  • Collaborators - Event-level team members that help manage your page and guests
  • Location - The city, venue, and state/region your event takes place in
  • Event type - This categorization is chosen upon event creation. Current Splash event types are: birthday, concert, conference, exhibits & shows, happy hours, in-store engagement, launch event, networking event, party just to party, recruiting event, seminars & workshops, sweepstakes, and other.

    Want to set up your own event types? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more info. 
  • Tags - Custom identifiers that can be added to individual events. Within the settings for each event page, you have the ability to add tags, which will help you filter in your Events Dashboard. Highly recommended.
  • Hubs - Landing pages that showcase Splash events.

Contacts & Photos

In the left side panel, you have access to Contacts and Photos, which collect data from all of your events. That's right: all of your contacts and photos in one place!


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