Gathering Your Palette: Colors

By now, you know that Splash empowers its users to build stunning event websites — absolutely no coding is needed. And what truly makes this truly remarkable is that you're also able to quickly & easily upload your brand assets. 

We call this gathering your palette

Building a palette of colors and fonts ensures your Splash page is as meticulously branded as it is aesthetically pleasing.

In this post, you’ll learn how to upload your brand assets before diving into design.


Splash allows you to create multiple color palettes, or as we refer to them here "Color Sets."

Variety is the spice of life, yes, but this feature provides much more than options. When set up properly, Color Sets equip the user with multiple versions of the same theme and the ability to switch between those versions with a single click.

Let’s start by adding colors to our theme!

Since we’re building a website, we’ll need to grab web-based color formats. These include RGB and hex values.

The flow is the same for both:

  1. Click Design in the Splash page's toolbar

  2. Click the gear next to Color Set; the text next to the gear should change to Edit upon hovering.

  3. Click the green "+" at the bottom-right corner of your current color palette to add a swatch.

  4. Click on the square for the swatch you’ve just added.

  5. Highlight everything in the code field and paste your color's hex value; if your colors are already in rgb format, just replace the content in the parentheses with your color values.

  6. Click Done. You’ll see your new swatch appear at the end of the current color set.

  7. Repeat these steps until all of your brand colors have been added. 

There’s no limit to the number of swatches you can upload for a single theme but keep in mind, less is often more. Check out the video below for a walkthrough of adding colors to Splash

Deleting Colors from Splash

Once you’ve finished, you may want to get rid of the swatches that were present before you decided to make this theme your own.

  1. Click Design in the Splash page's toolbar
  2. Click the gear next to Color Set; the text next to the gear should change to Edit upon hovering.
  3. Select the swatch you’d like to delete
  4. Click the Remove button.
  5. Repeat these steps until all unnecessary swatches have been removed.

You’ve just created your first color set. Plenty of folks stop here, but if you’re interested in having additional iterations of your theme and switching from one to the next with a single click, read on!

Adding & Ordering Additional Color Sets

Before building your additional color sets, it’s best to button up the design of your theme using your current swatches. From here, take a look at all page elements with colors and make a note of where those colors fall in the color set. Your note may look something like this:


  • Headings: purple (position 1)
  • Subheadings: deep gray (position 2)
  • Body copy: black (position 3)
  • Backgrounds: white (position 4)


With this note in-hand, let’s add our next color set.

  1. Click Design in the Splash page's toolbar.

  2. Click the gear next to Color Set; the text next to the gear should change to Edit upon hovering.

  3. Click the Add Set button in the top-left; this will duplicate your current Color Set. You’ll notice that he your Color Set set number changes in the top-right, just above the left and right arrows.

    Right now, you should be on color set 2 of 2.

  4. Refer to your note: click on swatches and edit colors based on the swatch’s position in the Color Set. For example, if your note indicates that headline colors fall in position one, click the first swatch and add your new headline color.

  5. Repeat until all swatches are strategically set.

  6. Click the Design tab to exit then save your changes.

Taking the time to choose and order color swatches strategically (or color linking, as we like to call it) is a best practice. It ensures a seamless transition from one color set to the next by telling Splash exactly where to look for each element’s color. We’ve included a video walkthrough below:

Congrats! You’re officially halfway through gathering your palette. Next stop: fonts. 

Gathering Your Palette: Fonts

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