What happens when a ticket is marked as disputed?

What's a disputed ticket?

A disputed ticket occurs when a buyer reports to his/her bank that a transaction was not authorized, a product was not received, a requested refund was not received, etc.

Most times, a buyer will simply not recognize the purchase on their credit card statement. This is preventable, as Splash allows you to customize your credit card descriptor.

One of my event's tickets was disputed. What happens next?

While Splash does not currently contact you (the event owner) when a dispute occurs, we do handle all disputes (also called "chargebacks") by reaching out to the guest on your behalf.

When a dispute is submitted, the ticket funds are immediately withdrawn from our account. We then submit the purchasing information through our payment processor and contact the attendee directly.

The ticket is also automatically marked as disputed in your event page as well as in our system. You can view disputes by filtering "Refunded" ticket orders in your RSVPs tab; these orders will be highlighted in green.

Check out our FAQ for the steps to view refunded tickets.

How does a dispute get resolved?

The timeline for reaching a resolution is dependent upon the bank — meaning, which bank is handling the dispute.

Once the bank receives the information, then a decision is made as to whether the dispute is "won" (funds returned to Splash) or "lost" (funds remain sent back to the attendee).

If the dispute is won, the funds are returned to your payout, and the tickets are reinstated.

My guest disputed the charge in error. Now what?

  • Option #1 - You as the organizer, in good faith, can let the guest into the event. On the Splash end, we would hope that the dispute does officially get reversed, and we will send you back the funds at a later date.

  • Option #2 - You as the organizer can advise the guest to repurchase tickets and simultaneously reverse the dispute with the bank. Once the funds have been reversed, we can help you refund the initial purchase.

  • Option #3 - The organizer can advise the guest to repurchase tickets, then contact the bank to explain that they want to keep the original dispute as is because they repurchased. We incur a $15.00 fee for those disputes each time, but we'll cover it for you in this instance.
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