How do I change the RSVP button link?

The default button action on every Splash page is to open the RSVP or Ticket order form.

The button is an extremely versatile element, though, meaning every button on your Splash page can be tied to a variety of actions, including the ability to link to external websites.

To edit a Button Action:

  1. Hover over the button and click Edit.
  2. In the Button Element window, click on the Link To drop-down and choose a new action. 

Pro Tip: Always test your newly saved button action in Preview mode.


Depending on the linking option you choose, a description will appear to let you know the functionality of each action. 

Link To options:

  • None: Will do nothing. (Be careful with this one!)

  • External Link: Direct your button to a website other than your Splash page. You can also choose whether the website will open in a new browser window.

  • Section on Page: Link to any on-page content block (i.e. View Speakers). 

  • Open RSVP/Ticket Form: Your page's default button action, this will open your RSVP or ticket order form.

  • Top/Bottom of Page: The button acts as a nav that will scroll the guest up or down.

  • Contact the Organizer: Opens a window to send a direct message to the event organizer. 

  • Open Modal (builder): Enterprise clients with access to our Designer Pro tool have the ability to create custom modals (or pop-ups). This option allows you to prompt the opening of that modal. 
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