How do I register or edit a guest (+1) on behalf of my confirmed guests?

Need to give a few VIPs a +1? Did a guest change his mind about who he wants to bring?

Splash allows you to add or edit +1s for existing RSVPs in the Guests tab. 

1. From the Guests tab, search or filter to find the main guest you're looking to edit. 
2. Click directly on the guest's name to open the contact card.
3. Use the Add Guest link to add +1s to the main guest. 


4. If you need to make changes to the new additional guest, you'll find him or her as a separate entry in your guest list.
5. Using the Columns button, add the "Guest of" and "Guest Names" columns to your guest list view to see the association between your RSVPs. Image_2017-08-17_at_2.30.21_PM.png

Please note: You cannot add +1s if the guest is in the "No Status" or "Awaiting Reply" Status since someone who isn't confirmed as attending shouldn't be able to bring guests. 

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