5b. Will an RSVP in Splash override Lead or Contact information in Salesforce?

Only if you want it to!

There is a single, important concept to understand for when an RSVP/ticket purchase in Splash matches that of an existing Lead or Contact in Salesforce: the integration will only update Lead or Contact information if you program it to — and you can configure that behavior field by field.



In your Integration's Global Actions, there is a setting that says "When a Lead or Contact is synced with Salesforce:"

What this is asking you is "When someone RSVPs to a Splash event, what do you want to happen if Splash detects information that doesn't exist in Salesforce?"

You options:

  1. Only Create New Object - Splash will never update existing Leads or Contacts — but it will create new ones if the guest does not exist in your Salesforce instance.

  2. Only Update Existing Objects - Splash will never create new Leads or Contacts — but you can configure, field by field, which fields can be updated in Salesforce.

  3. Create New AND Update Existing - Splash can be programmed to update certain Lead or Contact Fields on existing guests AND create new Leads or Contacts if they do not exist in Splash.

Note: If you choose option #1, this will disallow you from being able to configure which fields will be updated on existing Leads or Contacts.

After selecting Option #2 or Option #3, you can proceed to set up of your Lead and/or Contact Objects.

As you're mapping their Splash fields to Salesforce, you can choose if the information in Salesforce can be overridden by new information.



  • Never Update Value - Splash will never edit this field in Salesforce for your existing Leads or Contacts.

  • Update Existing Value - IF the RSVP submitted in Splash for a Lead or Contact field differs from what is in Salesforce, Splash will update the Salesforce field.
  • Only Update When Empty - Splash will ONLY update an existing Lead or Object with new information if the field in Salesforce is empty.


Another Approach

Let's say you have a company policy that disallows you from allowing another system to edit existing Salesforce records.

If this is the case, you might want to consider mapping Campaign Members fields to the RSVP/ticket information you're collecting. This is an awesome way to collect new personal details or survey information for existing Leads/Contacts without overriding the existing records. 

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