5b. Will an RSVP in Splash override Lead or Contact information in Salesforce?

There is a single, important concept to understand for when an RSVP/ticket purchase in Splash matches that of an existing Lead or Contact in Salesforce: the integration will NOT update existing information for Salesforce Leads or Contacts.

An example: Let's say you have a Contact in Salesforce named Peyton Manning. His Account Name is listed as the Indianapolis Colts and his Job Title as Quarterback. You invite Peyton to your next event and he RSVPs (with the same email address) using a Company of Denver Broncos and a Job Title of QB.

What would happen in Salesforce?

Because Splash does not update existing Contacts, Peyton Manning's Account and Job Title would remain Indianapolis Colts and Quarterback, respectively.

If for some reason he RSVP'd with his new email address, then Splash would create a new Lead or Contact for Peyton depending on your integration settings.

But this updated personal information is valuable, right?

Absolutely! As a best practice, we recommend mapping Campaign Members fields to the RSVP/ticket information you're collecting. This is an awesome way to collect new personal details or survey information for existing Leads/Contacts without overriding the existing records. 

So, for this example, you'd map the Splash Company and Job title responses to Custom Member Objects (i.e. Splash Company and Splash Job Title). 

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