6. Connecting guest statuses in Splash to Campaign Member Statuses in Salesforce

When setting up your integration's Global Settings, found in the Splash + Salesforce Settings tab of your integration profile, you are able to select the Splash actions that trigger campaign member status updates.

Let's review how Splash defines these actions:

  • Added - You have added a contact to your guest list (also known as "no status" or "...")
  • Invited - The guest has been sent an email invitation; in other words, is awaiting reply
  • RSVP Yes - The guest has submitted an RSVP of "yes"
  • RSVP No - The guest has submitted an RSVP of "no"
  • Checkin - The guest has been checked in (has attended)
  • Checkout* - The guest has been checked out (attended and then was marked as having left)
  • Waitlist - The guest signed up for your waitlist

*The Splash Checkout status does not exist yet but is coming soon.

After you have made sure to have set that actions that trigger Campaign Member Status updates, you'll now be able to fine-tune the settings.

Within Campaign Member Settings, you're able to set a Default Value.

So, let's say you upload a list of contacts to Splash without setting an event status. When Splash syncs back to Salesforce, creating those campaign members, the default Campaign Member Status of those contacts will be whatever you entered into the Default Value field.


Finally, you can map your desired Salesforce Campaign Member Status terminology to Splash statuses.

For example, if you have want an RSVP of "Yes" to create a Campaign Member Status of "Attending," just indicate that in the Value Mapping column.

Note: This is an optional setup. So if you want to default to Splash status names for Campaign Member Statuses, just disregard the Value Mapping section.


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