3/15/17 - New designs for RSVP and Ticket Forms

The most crucial part of every Splash page is the point of registration: that's the RSVP form for RSVP events and the Order Form for ticketed events.

As of today, you'll notice that both pop-ups have gotten makeovers - to reinvigorate essential guest interactions with a clean & simple look, accentuated by vibrant calls to action.

We think the results speak for themselves :)

What you need to know:

  • The updates are retroactive. This means your existing Splash pages will benefit from the update. Check it out!

  • Some of our enterprise event pages have custom-styled forms. Others have RSVP forms that use Facebook Connect or SSO. All of those forms will maintain their special styles and be unaffected by the update.

  • The headline in an RSVP or ticketed form is easily editable. To learn how, just check out this quick article.

New RSVP Form design (3-15-17)


 New Ticket Order Form design (3-15-17)

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