7. Creating custom Salesforce Opportunity names for ticket purchases using multiple Splash fields

A useful feature of the Splash-Salesforce integration is the ability to map multiple Splash fields to Salesforce fields, which is particularly great for creating detailed Opportunity and Campaign names.

The below entry covers the creation of custom Opportunity names:

1. Go to your Splash account's Salesforce settings.

2. Scroll to Opportunity Settings.

3. Locate the Name field (if it doesn't exist, you'll have to add one), which is tied to the name of the Opportunity that will be created in Salesforce when a ticket is purchased in Splash. 


4. Click on the arrow in Mapped Field.


5. In the appearing pop-up window, click the New Add Field button: this will allow you to choose the fields you'd like to include in the name of each Opportunity you generate. 


6. After you've select all the Splash fields you'd like to use, hit the Save button and review the final output. In the example below, we're using a combination of the buyer information, event information, and ticket information. Each data point will be separated by an underscore in Salesforce.


6. Scroll to the top of the page and save the integration.

The below screenshot is an Opportunity created from the above field mapping exercise. You can see the syntax used in Event Title + Buyer Name + Ticket Name + Ticket Price + Discount Code.


Pro tip: By mapping the Salesforce Stage Name to a Default Value (i.e. Closed Won), all opportunities that are generated will automatically have the same status. 


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