9. Creating an Account Fallback for newly created Salesforce Contacts

If your Splash-Salesforce integration is set to create new Contacts, there's two approaches you can take for when the Company submitted during the RSVP process does not exactly match an existing Account in Salesforce:

(1) Create a new Account for each unrecognized Company

(2) Assign the new Contact to an Account Fallback

Wait, what's a Account Fallback? 

An Account Fallback is a placeholder Salesforce account (i.e. No_Account) that you'll intentionally classify all newly created Contacts — without an Account match — under.

Why use an Account Fallback?

For many, it's preferable to go into Salesforce after an event, view all the Fallbacks, and update them to the correct Account than to have a bunch of erroneously created Accounts floating around.

Example: You invite a list of people from General Electric to your event: some people register with a company of GE, others General Electric, others Gen. Electric, and others just flat out spell it wrong. Only those who matched the spelling exactly to the Salesforce Account name would be correctly classified, meaning not only would you have to update their Accounts, but you'd have to delete the errantly created ones. Yipes!

Okay, you won me over! Tell me how I can set up an Account Fallback?  

1. Navigate to your account's Salesforce Settings.

2. Click on Splash + Salesforce Settings.

3. Next, make sure your integration is set to create new Contacts.

4. Scroll down to Account Lookup Conditions and make sure your Salesforce Account Name Field is mapped to the Splash Field for Company (or whichever RSVP question you're using to capture company information).

5. Finally, scroll down a tad more. Set the Account Fallback to Yes and input the exact name of the Fallback Account you created in Salesforce.

Important: In order for the Account Fallback solution to work, you must create an Account for it in Salesforce.

6. Be sure to hit the Save Integration button.

Pro tip: It's highly recommended that you create a custom Contact Field in Salesforce (i.e. Splash Company) for you to associate with your newly created Contacts. By mapping this field to the Company response in Splash, you'll have the new Contact's company info in Salesforce, making the process of updating the Account Fallback much more efficient. 

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