8. Preventing duplicate leads or contacts from being created in Salesforce?

Everyone hates cleaning up duplicate Salesforce records. One of the great distinguishing features of the Splash-Salesforce integration is preventing duplicate Leads and Contacts from being created.

Here's how:

1. Go to your Splash account's Salesforce settings.

2. Click on Splash + Salesforce Settings.

3. Scroll to the question: Check Salesforce for a duplicate entry before new lead/contact creation? Choose which you'd like to prevent the duplicate creation of.

4. Next, in Contact Lookup conditions, input your Lead and/or Contact's unique identifier in Salesforce (Email) to be matched against a Splash Contact field (Email Address).

5. Save the integration.

6. Hit the Test Integration button to ensure you're all set.



What this means: 
If an RSVP is submitted in Splash with an email address that matches that of a Lead or Contact in Salesforce, a new Lead or Contact will not be created.

Note: Because Splash does not update existing Salesforce records for Leads and Contacts, if the RSVP contains new information about the Lead or Contact — Job Title, Phone Number, etc. — these fields will not be updated in Salesforce.

A workaround? We recommend also mapping RSVP data to Campaign Member statuses, which is great for capturing new info personal info about Leads/Contacts, as well as reporting on Splash event surveys.


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