How do I print attendee name badges?

The Splash Host App (for iOS) allows you to print attendee name badges in (3) different ways:

1. Automatically when a guest is checked in
2. Automatically when a guest is registered on-site
3. Manually and on-demand, per guest

Note: Badge printing requires:

Note: Currently, Splash offers one badge design.
Note: For best results, make sure you have the latest version of iOS.


Internet Requirements

In order to print badges, both the printer and your mobile device must be connected to the same WiFi network. The strength and consistency of the connection is essential to successfully printing.

Best practices:

  • For on-site printing, we recommend using a mobile hotspot. Why?

    (1) It will allow you to configure your printer and devices before your event.
    (2) It provides a dedicated internet connection for multiple devices.
    (3) If you're using the same hotspot for all events, your printer will remember the hotspot.

  • A mobile hotspot or traditional WIFI network is far preferable to a personal hotspot from an iPad or iPhone.

Connecting your printer to a wireless network


  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • Printer (with USB cable and power cord)
  • Java installed on your computer
  • The process takes around 5-10 minutes, per printer

Note: If you're using multiple printers, each will need to be configured separately.


1. Navigate directly to Brother's QL-810W or QL-720NW Downloads page.
2. Select your OS Family (i.e. Windows, Mac, etc. or OS Version).
3. Click the Search button.
4. On the Downloads page, the instructions differ based on the printer you have.

QL-720NW printer:


  1. Download the Wireless Setup Device Wizard.
  2. After the .dmg file downloads with the Setup Wizard, open the file.
  3. Run the Setup Wizard, and make sure you turn on the printer's power.
  4. Next, you'll be prompted to input the wireless network password.
  5. You can also view Brother's Quick Setup Guide here.

Next steps for the QL-810W printer:

  1. Download the Full Driver and Software Package.
  2. Following the prompts, enter the serial number accordingly.
  3. Once the serial number is entered, continue following prompts to download the files.
  4. After the .dmg file downloads, run the Full Driver and Software Package, and make sure you turn on the printer's power.
  5. For next steps in WiFi setup, this will vary based on the type of computer you have. Check out page 8 in this Brother Manual for the QL-810W printer!

Printing badges from your iPhone or iPad

Connect app to printer

1. Connect your device to the same mobile network that the printer is connected to.
2. Open the Splash Host app.
3. Find your event and tap on it, loading your guest list.
4. In the navigation, tap on the the Dashboard tab.

5. Next, tap on on Printer Settings


6. Tap on Connect To Printer



The app will scan the internet network for your printer...


7. When your Brother QL-720 printer is found, simply tap Connect.


Nice, you're now ready to print! Let's jump into Badge Printing.

Final Settings and Printing

1. When in Badge Printing, navigate to Printer Settings. (Note: To get to Badge Printing, see the above steps for Connecting your app to your printer.)

2. Use the checkboxes (pictured below) to fine-tune your printing experience:

  • Auto-printing
    If you'd like a badge to be printed upon check-in, check the box.
    If you'd like to print badges manually, make sure the box is not selected.

  • Primary Label
    The default option is Full Name, but you can select if you want to display just First or Last.

  • Secondary Label
    Any one response to a custom RSVP question (i.e. Company, Job Title) can be show beneath the attendee's name.

3. Hit the Save bar.


If you selected "Auto-print on check-in," just check in your first guest to see the badge print.

If you need to print a guest's badge manually, find the guest's name in the check-in list and tap on it. Then, from the guest's contact card, tap the Print Badge icon.


You can also auto-print labels immediately upon a guest's on-site registration. You just need to ensure the guest's Default Status will be set to Checked In.

- When you're on the event's guest list, tap the "+" icon to open the mobile registration form.

- When on the Register New Guest screen, swipe down to reveal more options.

- Change the Default Status to Checked In.

- Save.


Troubleshooting: Reasons why the app would may not find the printer:

  • Not using the correct printer (the printer will not even be listed on the app). The only supported printers are Brother QL-820NWBBrother QL-810W, or Brother QL-720NW
  • Printer is turned off
  • Printer's WiFi feature is off (WiFi button should be green)
  • Printer can't connect/is connecting to the WiFi network (green light is blinking)
  • Phone is not connected to WiFi
  • Phone and printer are not on the same WiFi network 
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