Printing Badges on iOS

Within this portion of the guide, we'll go over how to set up your Badge Printing experience!

Badge Printing Settings

You can prioritize the information printed on the badge.

1. Go to your Dashboard tab, scroll down and select Badge Printing, then navigate to Printer Settings

2. Use the checkboxes to fine-tune your printing experience:

Auto-printing - If you'd like a badge to be printed upon check-in, check the box. If you'd like to print badges manually, make sure the box is not selected.

You can also auto-print labels immediately upon a guest's on-site registration. You just need to ensure the guest's Default Status will be set to Checked In.

PS. The Default Status of Checked In will need to be set for Quick Registration and Kiosk Mode!

Primary Label - The default option is Full Name, but you can select if you want to display just First or Last.

Secondary Label - Anyone response to a custom RSVP question (i.e. Company, Job Title) can be shown beneath the attendee's name.

3. Hit the Save bar.


Printing Badges

There are quite a few ways to print badges in the app, here are the three most popular:

1. Swipe Guest Name in Guest List


2. Upon Guest Registration (Click “+” on the bottom of the Guests tab) - Just remember to set the Default Status as Checked In!


3. In the Guest Detail card, tap Print Badge


Additionally, when you're in the Kiosk tab, you can print from each of the features you’ve selected as well.

REMEMBER - you need to select “Auto print on check-in” in the Badge Printing section in the Badge Printing tab. (See Badge Printing Settings above)

ALSO REMEMBER - set the Default Status to Checked In :)


QR codes

Pro tip: Scanning QR codes is the fastest way to check-in your guests. Simply add the QR codes to your Confirmation emails prior to the event, and use the app to scan them.

You can automatically print badges upon QR code check-in! Just make sure you follow all of the above steps for auto printing upon check in, and let's say it together this time: SET THE DEFAULT STATUS TO CHECKED IN! Hooray!


If you run into any errors, here are some quick troubleshooting tips!

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